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Finally getting Cable

Or rather DTH - Tata Sky.

We've been cable (and dish free) for the past 6 years or so, ever since we moved to our (then) new house.  The reason for getting cable is simple - I have my grandmother visiting us - and she definitely needs good old TV to keep herself occupied.  I had actually contemplated getting BSNL's IPTV (and may still do that sometime down the road if they ever improve on their customer service - but that's another rant), but since we had installed Tata Sky for our tenants (when the house was on rent) - I just decided to enable that.

I was pretty pleased with the way Tata Sky is setup. Within the space of half an hour, I was able to
- connect the set top box to the TV  (including crimping the required cable)
- get the subscriber ID from the Digicomp set top box.
- login to, recover the password,
- recharge my account online (payment using credit card)
- watch TV!

The whole experience with Tata Sky was pretty positive!  Although I have mixed feelings about going back to the world of TV. We did enjoy the hiatus though - always had more time to read books, play board games with the kids, watch movies uninterrupted, go out shopping (oh wait.. :-)...
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