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Computer Freezes

Your Computer freezes up? The following are possible reasons why your computer freezes up.

(1) Reasons why computer freezes up:

# There is virus infection.

Viruses can decrease the performance of computer sharply and make your computer to freeze up frequently.

# CMOS wrong configuration is a very common failure.

If you make a mistake in setting disk parameters/mode/CPUZ in CMOS, computer will fail to boot.

# System files are deleted by mistake.

At PC start-up,computer will need to use files called,io.sys, msdos.sys and things like that. If those important files are damaged or deleted by mistake, your PC will encounter a big problem.

# Initialization files are damaged.

The operating system will need to read system.ini file,win.ini file and registry at start-up. If there are config.sys file and autoex1c.bat file, the operating system will also need to read these files. When there is any error in those files, your computer will freeze up.

# Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is missed.

Dll files that are very crucial to the operating system are belong to files for share. Sometimes, when you try to uninstall a program and the computer freezes up or even crashes, the reason is that the share dll file is deleted with the removal of the unwanted program.

# Hard disk space is not enough.

If there is not enough hard disk space for virtual memory, some applications won't run smoothly and it will also cause the computer freezing problem.

# Updating Bios fails.

If you need to update your Bios, please make sure that the Bios version is compatible with your PC as well as back up the Bios before the update. If you fail in updating your Bios, the result is terrible.

# updating software fails.

If you update a program, it means you also try to update some files shared by other application programs on your PC at the same time. But if those applications do not support the updating shared files, the freezing problem may appear.

# Computer users misuse Beta software.

It is not recommended to use Beta software because the performance of Beta software is not stable or there are some bugs in the Beta software. The Beta software will cause trouble to PC more or less.

# Users uninstall software illegally.

Please don't uninstall software by deleting the software folders in the installation path directly because it will leave many unwanted remains of the software in registry and the system will become unstable and freeze up gradually.

# Users use pirate software.

Pirate software may contain viruses and once users activate the viruses in the private software, computers will freeze up sometimes.

# There are excessive programs at startup.

If there are excessive programs at startup, It will use up the system resource and when the data required by some software in virtual memory is not available, the freezing problem will come up.

# There is illegal operation.

If you use illegal format or parameter to open/release relevant software, it may also cause computer freezing problem.

# Users shut down computer improperly.

Please don't shut down your PC by using the power button directly, otherwise, it may cause system files miss or damage and then your PC will freeze up or even crash.

# There is a conflict in memory.

Sometimes all software run smoothly but the computer freezes up suddenly. When you reboot the PC, those software will run smoothly again. This is a fake freezing problem which is caused by the software conflict in memory.
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