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Twilight Zune

Microsoft released the first Zune Portable Media Player in United State in 2006 as a competitor for the iPod media players. Since then, it Microsoft released iteration and the software and has been updated that brought significant improvement. From the much maligned as 'iPod wannabe' to becoming outstanding software itself. Zune grew not just as good mp3 players but also very good software that is embedded on pc and now a great complimentary component of newly released and well regarded Windows Phone 7.

The impressive Zune Hd probably is the one that heralded the Metro UI that can be found in the Windows Phone 7. The Zune Hd's simple, yet elegant UI wins so many praises because there isn't anything like there before. It is regarded as among the best Media Player in the market today.

But the sad truth is that the Zune hardware line up doesn't take off as much as Microsoft wanted it to.

Many thought that the end of Zune is inevitable because consumers doesn't really embrace the product and also because the Zune is released only in some selected territories. But Microsoft has added Zune software and services on PC, Xbox and Windows Phone 7. They become integral part of your digital experience like the Zune pass which is a digital music subscription.

So it is safe to say that Zune software is flourishing with its impressive array of features. On the hardware side, the Zune hardware maybe on a decline but Microsoft seems to capitalize on moving from less profitable portable music player into a very descent Zune software and services line up.

Still Zune Music Players have some solid following. Microsoft has released a 64 gb version of Zune HD earlier this year. There are many accessories that are available for the Zune like docks, cases and speakers.

I'm an avid watcher of what's going on related to technology. Technology moves so fast that 'obsolescence' comes too fast to each new technology released today and that makes it fun watching new tech trends.
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