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If one were to go through some crime related statistical data of our country, then they will be for a shock. Here's some of the statistics to shock you further.

• Every minute, 3 violent crimes take place in the country!
• Every half an hour, a murder is committed!
• Robberies are like fast food - 1 each minute!
• Physical assaults - 2 every minute!
• Vehicle Theft? 3 every minute!

If those numbers were of any indication, you must know that times are not good and therefore you need to be committed for your own safety more than the government is for you! Here are some of the coolest technologies that have helped us to be in charge of our own safety. All these gadgets and equipments are a part of intelligent technology that has graced our lives today, for good.

• Pepper Spray: For ladies and children alike, this is one of the best self protection equipments ever. It is non lethal as much as it is the best crime deterrent in our hands. When properly used on eyes of the criminal, it can temporarily blind the criminal and in some cases can even blind them!

• Stun Guns: It is fantastic to know how much we have progressed in terms of technology that we can carry mini equipment in our purse that has more than a 1000V of electric potential in it. Stun guns have electrical charge in stored potential energy form and are one of the best non-lethal yet effective pieces of self defense equipment.

• Motion Detection Technology: With advancing technology, motion detection is a cool technology that is being used to give more realism to home entertainment systems and even gaming. This technology has now been introduced in cameras that can also sound alarm in case of any untoward movement of possible criminals. More than its lethality, it is a powerful crime deterrent tool.

• Intelligent Safes: How about safes that do not look like one at all, or even such safes that keep changing their passkeys randomly every second? Sounds straight from the texts of science fiction? But lo behold! This technology is very much in use today with the best electronics used in home safety today.

• A little help from 'Bond': Spy Gadgets are the best 'sting' gadgets that have been made available to us. Not all spy gadgets are for public use, but the ones that have been made available for us are powerful enough to catch anyone red-handed!

Gadgets that Deter Criminals

• Dummy Cameras: Imagine what kind of shock a criminal is in for in the event of finding a camera (albeit a dummy one) recording all his anti-social activities! The first step to deterring criminals is to place dummy cameras in such a place where the criminal manages to 'find' it!

• Metal Detectors: Metal detectors ensure that criminals cannot carry weapons or potential hazardous weapons beyond a certain point and are a great crime deterrent tool!


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