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Electronic Gadgets in Our Homes

The electronic gadgets have become a part of life. However like everything else in this world, there are two sides to having electronic gadgets. I am a usual house wife. I remember that day when my husband came back home extremely happy. Apparently he had got a big refund for filing income tax return on time. And as expected my first reaction was: let's get a washing machine. I actually was on cloud nine at the time when my first washing machine was delivered to my doorstep. I have to confess here that I absolutely hate washing clothes with my hands.

After this first big purchase, I have surrounded myself with many useful electronic gadgets. Over the years the newer models have replaced the older ones. I actually made an excuse every time a newer model was made available in the market that it would work better. The list of electronic items is endless such as: toaster, refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, geyser, room heater, vacuum cleaners, griller and microwave. No home of the modern era is complete without these items.

The electronic items are not considered as luxuries any more. They are useful in making our lives easy. In older days it was considered okay when the lady of the house stayed back at home and looked after the home. However, most women nowadays work to earn a living. They need to balance home and work. Because of this the gadgets are home maker's best friends. The electronic gadgets have brought entertainment right into the living rooms. Nowadays we can see the full solar eclipse happening in India just by sitting in our couch here in US.

Internet and television have made the world smaller and brought it together. We have all become citizens of a one big global village. Laptops and computers have become an integral part of commercial lives at every level. The business houses, banks, railways, post offices and corporate houses are almost completely dependent on computers. The same work which used to take hours to complete is being done with a click of the mouse. You can also carry your office where ever you want if your spouse doesn't have any objections.

You can get numerous electronic items such as iPods, Cell phones and digital cameras and list goes on. The modern technology has made life quite comfortable; maybe too comfortable. This is why it is a little bit of a worry for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against the electronic gadgets just worried about the dependency on them. It has come to a stage that we cannot perform when they are not there. Remember they are expected to serve us and not make us their slaves.


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