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How to Repair Your Slow Computer on Your Own, Plus a Better Way to Do It

By Jeff Farley
If you are certain your slow computer problems is due to a faulty registry, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars with a professional computer shop just to get this fixed. After all, in all probability, what they will do is exactly what you will do if you follow these simple repair solutions.

First of all, you need to set up a restore point. This is like backing up your computer to a time when you know it was working perfectly. Thus, if in case you make an error and do something wrong, you can always "restore" your computer to that point you established when it was perfect.

If you are using the Windows Vista, the command to get to the system restore is:

Click on Start- then All Problems-Accessories-System Tools, and then go to Backup. Follow the simple commands that pop up, and you've got yourself a restore point.

It is quite possible that just by doing this, your registry problems will stop hounding you. Of course, this is just covering the problem, since the errors are still in your registry. To complete your troubleshooting, download a registry repair software. You don't have to spend initially. What you can do is find out what the registry errors are using the FREE SCAN they provide, and when you see what the problems are, then it will help you decide whether to buy the software or not. Most often the scan will show you a lot of errors, don't try to attempt to manually delete these errors because one tiny mistake and you're in a worse position than when you started in because your entire system could crash.

If you get the registry repair software, you can repair your registry, not just once, but for the rest of the computer's life, and that could be forever. Imagine the savings you are going to enjoy!


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