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System Performance

Your computer are always prone to the attack of virus. This could be through the internet or through any external devices that are used to transfer datas from one computer to another. The risk is most affected for the internet users as thousands of viruses and other malwares are constantly uploaded to the web. While browsing through some website or any unauthorized sites some viruses would manage to get into your system and their activities range from deleting your files in the disk to making your system not responding to any inputs. Your system performance will be reduced by the intrusion of these malware. Here, we are discussing few tips on how to improve the computer performance.

Check for Viruses Get an anti-virus software for your system. It is very important to safeguard your system from viruses. Any anti-virus program prevent the virus from causing any damage to the system. You can get any licensed or free software for download and install them I your system. Keep your anti virus program updated and scan the drives regularly.

Disk Clean up and fragmentation Do not pack up your memory too much with files. If this happens perform fragmentation of the drives. Clean up your disk once in a while and remove all the unwanted filed from the memory and free the space. An overloaded disk too will reduce the system performance.

Registry Clean Up and De-fragmentation

When you install or uninstall a program in your system it would be registered in your system registry. You will not be cleaning the registry of the computer. This could slow down the system performance. You can get a registry cleaner and clean up the unwanted entries in the registry.

Delete/Uninstall Stuff

Clean up all the temporary files, cache files, history lists, etc. you can also uninstall all the unwanted software's that you are not going to use anymore. This could make some free space in the disk.
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