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Back to blogging!

Back to getting this updated after almost nine months (nothing symbolic here to see - move along :-).

So what have I been doing you ask? Here, in no particular order, is a list of things that have kept me reasonably busy
  • Switched from a full time job to a part-time consultant!
  • Gadgets - acquired an iPad (no surprises), upgraded my Macbook to 4GB RAM (no I did not buy the RAM from Apple, but it is Mac Certified), upgraded to Snow Leopard, realized that I lost iPhoto (and couldn't find the original DVD for re-installation), waited for the Mac App store to buy iPhoto, tried to buy an Apple TV (thrice, without luck and now targeting a Boxee box). Also installed iWork and am getting used to Pages, Numbers and Keynote!
  • Became a fan and avid user of Dropbox.
  • Upgraded my Broadband (BSNL) to a 4Mbps plan! I'm getting upto 3.2Mbps on that - so can't really complain. Although the upgrade process caused some downtime on the internet (1 weekend - apparently BSNL changed the username password and forgot to inform me :-)
  • Got healthy - got a bicycle, joined the gym (on and off  - mostly off).  

Back to blogging!, Pada: 10:01 AM


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